Rage. Quit. Repeat.

It was probably not as good as you hyped it up to be…


When you've played as many video games as I have, and spend your life in a constant realm of fantasy as I do, you start to find derivity in everything.


Future Man (not actually a video game)

Ho-Lee-Shit guys. Rogen and Goldberg have done it AGAIN.

MMOCraft (Trove)

I'm pretty sure everyone reading this has probably played the beta version of the game I'm about to review. Yanno, with the blocks, and the block people, and the block ghosts and block candy stuff. Minecraft was a great game, there's no denying it. Probably the first...


On December 6th the game changed completely. Epic entirely overhauled the mechanics of the game down to the bare bones. From the map, to the playable champs, right down to how the card power system works, and if I didn't hate this game with every fiber of my being before, I certainly do now.

Star Trek Online

As a fan of Gene Roddenberry's work and RPG-style video games alike since childhood, I have long awaited a Star Trek game that could live up to the massive potential available in these modern times. I wish I could say... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky (“Foundation” Update Edition)

Well, Hello Games, you've done it again, after I swore that I was done with you and your lies of better gaming the first time you broke my heart. You got me all jazzed up and excited about your 'Foundation'... Continue Reading →

Paragon (Yet Another MOBA)

From the makers of only ONE other game you've ever heard of, comes a 3D MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) that is almost exactly like most other MOBAs that you've probably already played if you're familiar with the genre...

Dofus, Doofus.

When I first noticed this cartoon-y go-getter on Steam, I was like "Dafuq is this game? Do they mean Doofus?". Now that I've played it for a week, I'm still like "Dafuq is this game?"

Disturbed (Not Down With The Sickness)

Have you ever read those 'choose your scare' Goosebumps books, where depending on what you chose at the bottom of the page, the ending changes? Well, welcome to that, in video game form, with worse art. Which is saying something, considering the only art in Goosebumps books was on the front cover. I was scrolling through FTP games on Steam....

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