Let’s get one thing straight, it’s NOT a video game. It’s an interactive art piece. So if you’re a platforming savant, a headshot champ, or one of those idiots that ONLY plays COD, don’t bother with this. However, if you LOVE birds, and you wanna waste five hours trying to figure out a puzzle without any REAL pieces, only to be let down by not actually getting any REAL answers, and not being able to do ANYTHING other than SOMETIMES open doors and turn on radios, then this is the “game” for you. I will say, however, that it IS beautiful, and the ambient music/soundtrack is very soothing and fitting. Although, I must admit the EXTREME amount of human emotion is lost on me, so maybe some of you more normal humans will appreciate it.

5/10, wouldn’t watch again, and it ONLY gets a 5 for how purdy it is. Also, who names their  English gaming company something like The Chinese Room??? Your logic baffles me.