Rage. Quit. Repeat.

It was probably not as good as you hyped it up to be…

ESO: The First Three Days

Let's talk about my first three days in the paid MMORPG that COULD actually give WoW a run for it's money, as so many have claimed to do before and hadn't come close.


Broforce (Fuck Yeah)

I honestly wish I could say something more negative about this game than the fact that it can induce an insane amount of panic. I wish I could say it wasn't nearly as fun as we hyped it up to be, or that the soundtrack was massively lack-luster. I wish I could say...

DC Legends

Mobile team RPGs are becoming a big thing these days. If you are familiar with the style, you have probably also played Marvel Avengers Alliance, or Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (which I play every day and actually enjoy). This... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Gone (to the Rapture)

Let's get one thing straight, it's NOT a video game. It's an interactive art piece....

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