Rage. Quit. Repeat.

It was probably not as good as you hyped it up to be…

Dofus, Doofus.

When I first noticed this cartoon-y go-getter on Steam, I was like "Dafuq is this game? Do they mean Doofus?". Now that I've played it for a week, I'm still like "Dafuq is this game?"


Disturbed (Not Down With The Sickness)

Have you ever read those 'choose your scare' Goosebumps books, where depending on what you chose at the bottom of the page, the ending changes? Well, welcome to that, in video game form, with worse art. Which is saying something, considering the only art in Goosebumps books was on the front cover. I was scrolling through FTP games on Steam....

ESO: The First Three Days

Let's talk about my first three days in the paid MMORPG that COULD actually give WoW a run for it's money, as so many have claimed to do before and hadn't come close.

Broforce (Fuck Yeah)

I honestly wish I could say something more negative about this game than the fact that it can induce an insane amount of panic. I wish I could say it wasn't nearly as fun as we hyped it up to be, or that the soundtrack was massively lack-luster. I wish I could say...

DC Legends

Mobile team RPGs are becoming a big thing these days. If you are familiar with the style, you have probably also played Marvel Avengers Alliance, or Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (which I play every day and actually enjoy). This... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Gone (to the Rapture)

Let's get one thing straight, it's NOT a video game. It's an interactive art piece....

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